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Management Team


Robert A. Küfner

Robert has been in crypto since 2010. An early Bitcoin miner and founder of the first publicly listed DLT firm in Europe, his engagement with the community has led him from Ethereum’s launch to the vast potential of the Tangle Network.


Florian Reike

A self-proclaimed technophile, Florian has been attracted to anything ‘tech’ for as long as he can remember. His overarching ambition to contribute to a better connected, technologically-enabled world underpin his research prowess.


Till Wendler

Till was an early ethereum investor and has since become an active member of the crypto-community here in Berlin. Till’s focus is centred on realising his vision of connecting the real world with the power of Distributed Ledger Technology.

Project Team


Max Thake

Max’s ability to produce great content stems from his ambition to make the crypto-world more understandable. A fusion between his writing skills and a deep interest in DLT provide the basis to his contribution to a DLT-enabled global society.


Leonard Dorlöchter

Leo’s skills with JavaScript, Java, Web Development and Social Media extend from his background in Business Informatics. gives Leo the opportunity to fulfill his innate desire to have a positive impact on the people around him.


Mark F. Lasia

Mark was following Bitcoin long before he completed his Bachelor of International Business from the Sprott School of Business. He brings a strong marketing background to, as well as a longstanding interest in the potential of a merger between Distributed Ledger Technology and the financial sector.


Maximilian Power

Max’s roots reach deep into the DLT and Fintech space. He’s managed the launch of several crypto-projects over recent years, and brings a valuable network as well as a strong sales and communications skill set to the team.


Paolo Bernewitz

Paolo adds a creative aspect to the team. He’s worked on user-experience, branding and design elements for various ICOs and Fintechs, collaborating with an extensive network of designers, artists and web developers.


Keno Budde

Keno’s been in and around the crypto-scene for over four years. Experience with C, Java, PHP, Python, Bash, Javascipt, Unix Systems, Markup Languages and Advanced Web Server Configurations make him a valuable asset on the IT front.


Our History

The Next Step in Distributed Ledger Technology.



Interest in Bitcoin evolves into professional mining.


Participation in the Ethereum crowd-sale after meeting with Dr.Gavin Wood.


Interest in the IOTA Project and the potential of the Tangle Network.

2017 is founded in the DLT-hub of the world, Berlin.


Bringing DLT to the world.