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What we do

Investing Approach

We strategically invest in projects that are aligned with our vision to take Web 3.0 to the next level.


We venture build projects including but not limited to the decentralized finance space.


We have a burning passion to educate the broader nakamo.to community on the latest trends and technologies we are looking at.

We accomplish this through our podcast, Satoshi’s Mind.To explore the continuously evolving space of Web 3.0, we have also launched biweekly research articles, intending to provide our community, as well as our partners with insightful research on topics we see as significant.


nakamo.to was founded in 2017, with a belief in unlocking more open, transparent, and participatory systems through the next wave of Web 3.0-based innovation.

It thus provides capital and resources to ventures interested in enhancing this very vision.


Investment thesis

in Web 3.0

nakamo.to has invested in Polkadot, Energy Web, and continues to invest in other cutting edge projects.

Supporting projects with a prioritization of decentralization

Investing in projects supporting the creation of more fair, open, and transparent ecosystems. 

Identifying category leaders

Investing in projects that create new categories in Web 3.0 and beyond, which are positioned to be category leaders. 


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Research hub

Satoshi's Mind Podcast

Research Hub

Latest articles

Five reasons why DeFi lending is on the rise.

Five reasons why DeFi lending is on the rise.

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An Overview of the DeFi Space

An Overview of the DeFi Space

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